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2012 Books – Best Books and EBooks About 2012

Time flies by so fast. One day we are celebrating New Year’s then the next day, we are counting down to the next year. What will you do if you know that it is going to be your last year to live?

You have probably heard of the 2012 doomsday theory on polar shift. If you have not then I suggest you watch the 2012 movie that came out in 2009 as a primer. If you are not into movies, then the next best thing to get you updated are the 2012 books and eBooks that have come out in the market. Now that you are interested, which books are you going to get? Do not worry; here is a quick review of the top 2012 books out in the market.

1. 2012 Contact

2012 Contact is written by an expert survivalist. The book answers intriguing questions about the 2012 theory and even provides readers with tips on how to survive the event. If you buy the book, you will get two volumes, the first one entitled “2012 Contact – The Build” and the second “2012 Contact – Survival”. With these two volumes, you will definitely be prepared for December 2012. Also, the twin volumes provide insights on which 2012 theories are facts and which ones are bogus. More importantly, the second volume teaches you how to save yourself and those important to you. 2012 Contact provides buyers a lifetime update for the books, 2012, and news on doomsday topics.

2. 2012 Secrets Exposed

This 2012 book is authored by Dr. Dennis F. Bartels who is a professor of astrology and anthropology. 2012 Secrets Exposed helps you better understand the events that will occur in 2012. The book is written in a simple language and provides answers for the basic questions about 2012. It also has a complete survival guide to walk you through the foreseen events of 2012. You’ll also get lots of bonuses including an audio book version, high definition videos, the Wilderness Survival, and The Lost Writings of Nostradamus.

3. 12-21-12 End of the World (As We Know It): Five Year Personal Planner

This is literally a five-year planner released five years before the year 2012. If you buy it now, you can still use most of the book as it helps you plan the years ahead with surviving 2012 as the end goal. The planner includes information about the Mayan Calendar and related prophecies, and survival tips.

4. 2012 Official Countdown Report

This eBook set provides insider information on where the field experts went wrong and what secrets the government are keeping from us. As with the other books about the topic, the 2012 Official Countdown Report gives us a clear picture of the effects of the catastrophic event slated to take place in December 2012 as well as survival tips on how to save you and your family. Aside from information and survival tips, the books gives you access to the membership zone that will be handy in getting updated with 2012 information.

These are just four of the many 2012 books currently available. Read more book reviews over the internet and visit the books websites to learn more. 2012 Contact is currently the most famous of the lot; you might want to start there. And if you feel like you need more information, then get the other books as well.

Source by Shelby N. Bungert

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