February 5, 2023
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6 Good Habits for A Highly Effective Book Marketing Campaign

A successful self-published author doesn’t just come out of nowhere. As creative individuals, a self-published author must learn the art of discipline. After all, planning a book marketing campaign that runs for about 6 to 12 months is never an easy task. And as an author who stands with his own shoes, a greater risk is inevitable. But being fully independent does not necessarily mean that there’s a thin line to succeed. The best way of getting through is to make and live with good working habits. In this article, we will feature tips to improve your campaign techniques of marketing and promoting your book.

Find Your Target Market

Most self-published authors tend to forget that self-publishing is not just about writing. Whether you agree or disagree, self-publishing is business. And every business always comes with an organized plan on how to find their product’s primary consumers. Before you jump off to doing marketing events for your book, make sure you already know where to find your readers. You would not want to penetrate a market that’s not even interested about your book.

Take the Challenge of Cross-merchandising

For sure, books are found in the libraries and bookstores. But where else can you find people holding and reading a book? You can spot a large chunk of the reading market at coffee shops, airports, terminals, salons, clinics, etc. Those are the places where people wait most of the time. And what do people do when they’re bored? They read just about everything. Learn to branch out to other areas. Cross-merchandising will force you to become more versatile in your book marketing ideas. Take the challenge of breaking the traditional selling techniques.

Never Get Tired to Expand Your Knowledge

Learning doesn’t stop even when you’ve already published a book. Make efforts to know more about how book marketing works. Learn from other self-published authors. Testimonies of failure and success are a good source of learning and inspiration. Try out the old and new book marketing techniques.

Treat Your Readers Extra Special

Your readers make the most out of your writing career. They are the ones who trust you and your writing. So it’s important to make your readers feel appreciated. You can do this by organizing events and activities that involve reader participation, like contests, promos, parties, etc.

Provide Communication Venues

Maintain a personal blog where you can easily update your readers about anything. Build relationship with your readers. You can initiate healthy conversations on comment posts.

Handle Rejection Professionally

Not everybody will love you and your book. Rejections do not mean it’s the end of the world. Continue to push forward. Strive harder. The abundance of rejections will sharpen your character. Pull ideas from negative criticisms to form venues for improvement.

Source by Don Harold

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