February 5, 2023
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African American Authors – Books, Ebooks, and Novels

An increase of African American authors started in the 60s, the same time as the civil rights movements, but their influence was noticed before America became a nation and black authors were slaves and abolitionists.

Among the first to gain prominence was Phillis Wheatley, who was brought from Africa when she was a child and sold to the Wheatley’s in Boston. Wheatley arrived in America without any knowledge of the English language, but soon became proficient in reading and writing, even publishing the composition, ‘Poems on Various Subjects’ in 1773, a landmark publication for the African American community.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass – After Douglas escaped slavery twice, this book was published. Just a bit later the American Civil War started, bringing new learning opportunities for Negros.

This education at the turn of the 20th century helped foster a new black culture in the United States, one with many informal African-American book clubs where participants shared literature. The un-ending debate begun by W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington still continues on how an African American can best improve himself.

With the 21st century, publishing has been revolutionized once more, with ebook publishers targeting children, adults, and niche markets of race and culture. With the rise of the Internet came a revolution in publishing for niche ebook markets, from children’s literature to adult literature, including works by African-American authors addressing race and cultural identity. Bookstores and African-American book clubs alike have benefited greatly from ebooks. You have to look back to the past to comprehend this impact.

Better teaching in the 20th century fostered the growth of black cultural awareness all around America. Since early African-American writers were slaves and abolitionists, much of early African-American literature was political or spiritual. Phyllis Wheatley’s poetry made up the first published book by Blacks

Proven a thriving industry in spite of our current economy, African American authors are finding success within the internet black ebook community. Even though African-American writing might only fill a bookshelf in your local library, the Internet will reveal a wealth of poetry, fiction, novels, advice, history, and even adult ebooks. Books serve an important function from when we are kids up until we are old, and they impact our lives.

The Harlem-Renaissance came up with a many black impressions and black-authors during the 1920s that showed Black history and introduced Negro fiction that was widely loved by people who enjoyed books. With the help of Zora-Neal-Hurston’s books depicting Negro fiction and literature realized its turning point during the Harlem-Renaissance.

Over one hundred years ago, an organization was formed to help Blacks to feel like they are advancing in their rights progressively and it is now commonly known as the NAACP. African American authors and poets began their rise to fame through this group, whose mission was to better the plight of Negros. Like the renowned Hughes, there are a large number of African American authors and poets who have focused on the topic of slavery.

In this day and age, there are some Negro book clubs that have been created to help Negro literature and writers. Readers can find anything at these book clubs, from black poetry to black history and love poems. These book clubs allow the book lover to select different types of literature, from poetry collections to horror novels, based on their personal preference. You too can join Negro book clubs and experience the heritage of negro literature.

Source by John Halas

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