February 5, 2023
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An Easy Way to Make Money With eBooks

I’m going to reveal a secret way of making money with eBooks that hardly anyone is using. And those that are trying to use this method are doing it all wrong.

Create a landing page that asks a visitor to sign up for your niche topic newsletter. Tell the visitor that they’ll also receive a free eBook filled with excellent information. This accomplishes two things. First, you start building a targeted mailing list. Second, it gives you an opportunity to make affiliate commissions. How? Because the eBook will contain resource boxes that point the reader to hot converting programs. Too many people get overly specific when promoting something in an eBook of this nature. The problem with that is that over time products and services come and go. You might find yourself having to switch out from one program to another at some point. So keep the wording vague so that you can promote a variety of different products and services.

You might wonder how you should go about creating the eBook itself. Here’s the secret. Find a quality ghostwriter on one of the many outsourcing websites. This saves you from having to do a lot of writing. Be sure you’re using a quality ghostwriter who is proficient in the language you want your eBook written in.

So far so good? Is what I’m describing making sense? If you’re relatively new to all this, I’d highly recommend you invest in an educational program that will help you understand how the eBook business works. Seriously, it’s worth it because there’s only so much information that can be revealed in an article.

Source by Ethan Evans

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