February 5, 2023
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Can Golf Training Ebooks Make The Difference?

Well I hadn’t played a round of golf for several years when I was invited to make up a foursome one Sunday last March and I gladly accepted. I spent Saturday cleaning the dust from my clubs and making sure I had all the equipment I needed. Work and family commitments had made it difficult to find time to play my beloved game and time goes so fast. I took a driver and practiced my swing in the yard and remember thinking how I’d not forgotten a thing..

The next morning as I stood on the first tee I felt awesome. Then I reached confidently for my driver and after a couple of practice swings I dispatched my ball neatly into trees on the right of the fairway. Eighteen holes and 122 shots later I realised I was in desperate need of some serious golf training before I accepted any further foursome invites.

My golfing buddies were sympathetic and promised me I would play better the following week and I determined myself that I most certainly would, even though I knew I’d have little time to visit the pro for a lesson or two in the interim. Sunday evening I logged on to the Internet and searched for a good golf training ebook tutorial that may help me. Having discovered a golf training ebook reviews website I perused the tutorials on offer and decided that the first aspect of my game that needed attention was my swing. I knew I could shave a lot of shots from my score card if only I could consistently hit my tee shots long, and to the middle of the fairway.

Having read through the reviews, I settled for a golf training ebook titled ‘The Simple Swing’, by David Nevogt and I had purchased and downloaded the product within minutes. I immediately noticed that the tutorial was presented as a system, and so easy to follow and as I read through the ‘golf swing’ section of the system, I was already feeling more confident, without even picking up a club. Although concentrating mainly on tee shots, this powerful golf training ebook also includes advice to help improve putting, chipping, and sand bunkers shots, as well as the mentally and physically aspects of the game. I read the whole ebook that evening and slept well.. giving little thought to my dreadful round earlier in the day.

During the next few days I spent quite a number of hours with my golf training ebook, paying particular attention to the swing chapters and going through what I’d learned with my driver in the back yard. I remember thinking about the title of the ebook.. ‘The Simple Swing’ what a great title.. it really is simple when you get down to it.

Thursday came around quickly and I decided it was time to hit some balls and so I put my woods in the car and after work was done I went straight to the driving range to see if what Id learned so far was going to make a difference. I teed the ball up slightly higher than usual and thinking about my swing plane I hit the ball sweetly.. long and straight. Wow that felt good! I hit 50 balls after work that evening and I swear that a high percentage of them were almost perfect. What a welcoming noise when you find the sweet spot. I had never found it so consistently in the past.

Sunday came around and I decided not to mention to my buddies about my golf training ebook purchase. Yet before we were through six holes they were making comments that I was obviously ‘getting help from somewhere’. I hit 12 perfect tee shots that Sunday and was round in 96 shots. What an improvement! I realised there were other aspects of my game that I needed to brush up on but now I was much more confident on the tee at least.

I ended up purchasing three more golf training ebooks over the next couple of months which helped me enormously with every aspect of my game. I simply tutor myself using the golf tips and techniques I learn from reading and it certainly makes the difference. With the help of my golf training ebooks I now consistently break 80. What a wonderful game golf is!

Trevor Taylor

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