February 1, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Can You Make $100K Self-Publishing Books?

Is it possible to earn $100K by self-publishing on platforms like Amazon KDP, IngramSpark and Draft2Digital? In this video, I show you my own journey and what sales I have generated from just ‘one’ of these platforms alone! And before anyone asks ‘how many books’? The answer is just over 52.

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📽Self-Publishing Courses Created by Romney Nelson
Courses Hosted on Thinkific.com
Visit: https://publishing-accelerator.thinkific.com
1. The Publishing Accelerator – KDP Low and No Content Course
2. How to Self-Publish with IngramSpark (Course Outline: https://bit.ly/3OrrCdu)
3. Email Marketing using ConvertKit
4. How to Create Standout Book Covers for Amazon KDP
5. How to Write, Create and Design Children’s Books for KDP
6. Mastering Habit Development
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Courses Hosted on Udemy.com
1. How to Publish Low and No Content Books with KDP (Best-Seller): https://bit.ly/3om49QI
2. Email Marketing using ConvertKit: https://bit.ly/3s8Cp4z
3. How to Create Standout Book Covers For Amazon KDP: https://bit.ly/3CHrqCU
4. How to Write, Create and Design Children’s Books for KDP: https://bit.ly/3vOa9G7
5. Mastering Habit Development: https://bit.ly/38QOAvU
6. How to Publish Your Book With IngramSpark: https://bit.ly/3oDO2hk

Courses Hosted on SkillShare.com. Visit: https://skl.sh/3MAAwVJ
1. How to Publish Low and No Content Books with KDP
2. Email Marketing using ConvertKit
3. How to Create Standout Book Covers For Amazon KDP
4. How to Write, Create and Design Children’s Books for KDP
5. Learn How to Self-Publish on IngramSpark
6. Mastering Habit Development

Free Online Tools to Scale Resource: https://bit.ly/3JbuXLt

GumRoad Store for Interiors, Keywords and MORE! https://gumroad.com/lifegraduate
Free 90-Minute KDP Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/9COIZRN1rCY

🛠Tools and Resources I use.
Publisher Rocket: https://bit.ly/3iLkWuT
KDSpy: https://bit.ly/3cxJMdM (up to 10% discount on subscription)
Book Bolt (Use code ‘lifegraduate20’ to get 20% OFF): https://bit.ly/3zu7CAm
TubeBuddy for YouTube: https://www.tubebuddy.com/thelifegraduate
Thinkific (Course Creation) – https://bit.ly/3rru1wD
Canva Pro: https://bit.ly/3h4cCVb
ConverKit (Audience and Email Building Tool): https://bit.ly/34wUAYe
Fiverr: https://fvrr.co/2X0TD6L
ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors): https://bit.ly/3uuyPn3
Adobe Premiere Pro: https://bit.ly/37QAXfx

On this channel, I provide a wealth of information for new and experienced self-publishers to Create, Build and Scale their Self-Publishing business.

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