February 5, 2023
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Creating a Perfect Article

Have a topic you’ve been immersed in for a while? Write an article about that! It is shown to relieve stress and increase satisfaction when you share your expertise with others. Personally I’ve been doing network marketing on social media! Users love when I share tips and tricks on improving results. Writing articles also increases the capacity of your imagination and grammar.

Think of a great title to start with. Then work on getting themes to elaborate on. So for example a Twitter marketing article will talk about maybe how many words a tweet should be or how to use the most effective hash tags. The most successful articles have effectively used keywords.

Then write a draft, include all your ideas. Be flexible, avoid stressing the points and love giving people this helpful info. When done your basic shell will have materialized. Take a little rest. Rest is great for an article to be fun and well made. Meditation is a key to good thinking. This even applies in writing. Worn out thinking processes are bad for your nerves and general well-being. Take walks and listen to calm music but most of all sit in silence.

An excellent thing to do is read a lot of materials and articles about your subject. When you have an idea about writing styles that are suitable then you can decide how you’ll communicate your ideas. Social media is perfect to search for material as well as Google search, books, magazines, and newspapers. Watch speeches and videos about your subject. YouTube is an exhaustive archive and can give you hours of info.

Find out who your audience is. If it’s young people appeal to them. Go over your draft and use words that they will understand. A good article always has quotes. Getting quotes will give credibility to what you’re proving. Writing in a style that changes forms is always exciting and not monotonous. Once you’ve done your draft ask yourself if you have all these things:

– quotes

– main ideas

– proofs

– examples

– structure

– appeal

If these important factors are present you can add the finishing touches. Be sure to have a sense of humour. Someone who laughs along with you might let their guard down and more easily trust your information. After all a smiling person has been helped already. The most important thing in life is brightening someone’s day. Be sure to market your article with social media.

Source by Nahom Kidanemariam

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