March 27, 2023
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Creating an eBook with Visme | Visme Tutorial


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eBooks offer a great opportunity for content creators to reach another segment of their overall potential audience. Quite commonly, eBooks are used as freemium offers, designed to build up an email list or other promotional elements associated with a larger overall website.

Users enjoy the instantaneous aspect of eBooks, as a simple download can allow them to begin reading the material in a matter of minutes, on their computers, smartphones, tablets or even a dedicated ereader.

Visme offers a very integrated cloud based software where even the most novice content creator can easily design and compose their very own eBook. There are dozens of stylish eBook templates already built into Visme’s online design suite, which makes it very easy for creators to build their eBooks with little worry about learning the software.

There are several Visme tutorials found on their official website and others that have been published by other creators via YouTube and their own self published blogs. When creating an eBook in Visme, creators are given the choice to either publish for the web, which gives a public link to your book, publish privately, which creates a password protected link to your eBook or download the PDF, which allows creators to upload the content to a website of their choosing.

Utilizing a public link gives creators the ability to share their eBook via any website or social media platform that they wish to. This will make it quite easy for your target audience to have instant access to your eBook anywhere in the world. The private sharing feature enjoys all of the same benefits as the public link but also has the secure element of password protection so you can have a level of control over who has access to this content. The ability to download your eBook as a PDF gives you the ultimate control over where and how your eBook can be distributed.

With ease of use and a variety of built in resources for your eBook, Visme should be a clear choice for any creator seriously contemplating publishing their first ebook content.


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