January 30, 2023
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Creating the Best Resume – How to Avoid Submitting the Worst Resume

The best resume format is the one that will work to help you snag that job. Something that is not known to all – there are certain types of resumes. However finding the best format is not easy. You should be able to assess yourself and the company that you will be applying to and tailor fit your resume accordingly.

Take note of the three formats available for a resume: the chronological, the functional and the combination. In order to determine the best resume format for you, you should first know the differences between the three formats.

The chronological resume format is the best resume for applicants who already have a few job experiences. In this resume style employment history is arranged from the most recent to the oldest. This is the best format if you have many employment experiences in the same field and plan on staying in the same field as well. Also with this format, employers can easily track your employment history. Many companies also prefer this resume format because it is clear. This is the best resume writing style for those in banking, accounting, law and other conservative fields.

The functional resume format is the best one there is for applicants who have little job experience or have had different fields of career. In this kind of resume format skills and function are displayed. Most of the time the company names, positions acquired and dates of employment are usually omitted. This is the best format for people who have been at home for quite some time and want to reconnect with the working world. However this format is not that preferred by employers and is not that popular.

The third and last resume writing style is the combination style. This is a combination of the reverse chronological resume format and the functional style. This is the best resume format for people with diverse job history and whose career path is not clear, for people who have large employments gaps, short term employment, people who are career changers, people who have academic insufficiencies, and people who lack work experiences. In this type of format, it is not necessary that you detail each of your work experiences in every job because you will have to place it all together in the functional part. Although this type of resume is more acceptable compared to the purely functional style, some employers find it chaotic and confusing. With all these resume writing styles available for you, there is surely one that would be your best resume format.

Source by Suzette Dean

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