February 2, 2023
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Ebook Marketing Simply Explained

To some people, it’s pretty clear that ebooks are revolutionizing the publishing world. Ebooks aren’t threatening printed books. But, again, it’s clear that ebooks are changing things. There’s the “viral marketing” phenomenon of ebooks. There’s the dramatic effect of eBook marketing. Many who are discovering ebooks have also discovered how lucrative the business of ebooks is. And on and on.

What might be even more startling, is how the business-growing phenomenon of ebooks, is not known by many people. Those that do know are profiting in significant ways.

Ebooks won’t replace printed books. But, ebooks have certain abilities and qualities that printed books and other mediums do not have. For example, as seen in eBook marketing, ebooks are very easy to produce. Most significantly, their production cost is very inexpensive. With ebooks, you don’t need a publisher, an agent, a print press, ink, paper or a distributor.

Also, ebooks are easily and rapidly distributed online. They can be also easily updated; they don’t require a second print run. You produce it once and it lasts (apparently) forever – there are no republishing expenses!

One of the most unique qualities of ebooks is the capacity for interactivity that they offer. Ebooks can include surveys, lessons, videos, music, forms and links to your site (to build free traffic to your website and/or business). A brief list of eBook qualities include:

  • Being easily and very inexpensively produced and replicated
  • They cost much less than print books to produce and publish
  • They are easily and automatically available
  • They are much more interactive than print books
  • They have a significant kind of permanence that most mediums do not possess

Ebooks have revolutionized the business of self-publishing. Authors don’t need to go through the endless and expensive process of submitting manuscripts over and over and over. The only requirements to publish and produce an eBook are a writer and appropriate software – and eBook “know-how.” It’s a basic four step process:

    1. Find your audience/market
    2. Write your book
    3. Publish it
    4. Put it on your website, send by email, submit to eBook directory, etc.

    Your audience will come to you.

    Many people know what ebooks are. But, very few people know about the revolutionary components of ebooks. Those that have discovered ebooks, are making small fortunes!

    Various business models have been developed around ebooks. Of course, ebooks are sold. But, many people are making a lot of money with ebooks by giving them away. Some are giving away their own ebooks and being successful. And others are giving away ebooks of other people and being very successful.

    My experience is that producing, publishing and profiting from ebooks is easier to do than learning and using email. It is just a matter of know how. Whether your interest is eBook marketing, eBook business or just ebooks, in general, ebooks are worth the time to investigate. They’re part of the “viral marketing” revolution. For those seeking to increase their audience, market, communities, or name recognition, ebooks are currently unbeatable. They’re just one of the best kept secrets around. And now you know the secret.

    Source by Kalem Aquil

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