January 29, 2023
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Finding the Best Professional Resume Writer

Job candidates in this economic recession are frequently turning to professional writers to create resumes that will attract the attention of employers. In today’s labor market, a good resume should help you land the right interview, for the right job, to start work sooner rather than later. With selected industries experiencing major shake-ups, like automotive, financial services, banking, real estate, and others, many people are finding job search time required to find a new position is much longer than in recent years. So why consider a professionally written resume?

The field of resume writing has attracted many people working as writers with a wide range of talent and ability. The quality of writing varies widely. A careful selection process will help you find the best writer. It is wise to review their examples of their work, and that samples look customized, and not “one size fits all” templates. Also, contact customers and other references to verify claims. There are five governing bodies in the United States that certify resume writers. Check their websites and see what constitutes certification. You will find that some groups are more rigorous than others.

Things to do when considering use of a professional resume service include the following:

1. Seek certified writers in your locale by contacting trade associations or checking their Web sites. Examples include CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), Master Resume Writer through the Career Management Alliance, or certification as a human Resource professional (Professional in Human Resources or Senior Professional in Human Resources) through the Human Resources Certification Institute.

2. Carefully review any resume samples provided. The resume maker should be able to provide several samples. Look for writing styles and resume formats that are attractive, that you like, and would represent you well.

3. Seek recommendations for resume writers from recruiters and members of your peer group. The good writers develop a reputation and people are often more than willing to talk about them.

4. Ask for detailed references and check them. Do not expect to receive long client lists because of confidentiality, but generally there are a few clients who are willing to serve as a reference.

5. Ask the writer if he/she will permanently store your resume. Many people displace their resume, then may need them on a moments notice. It is nice to be able to contact someone who has your resume readily available for quick updates and quick dispatch.

6. Someone willing to consult with you over the telephone is nice. Not all resume writers like to speak on the phone or have consultative skills.

7. The writer must capture the real you. A deceptive resume is always a deal breaker.

8. Your resume writer must understand your industry or profession. The resume should realistically capture an employers’ attention.

A well-written resume is a vital element in your successful job search. Please take a little time, do your homework, and find the best professional resume writer for you.

Source by Gordon Walter

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