January 30, 2023
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How to Avoid This Costly Self Publishing Mistake

Here’s how to avoid this costly self publishing mistake.

Mike Samonic became a self publishing millionaire and here’s one mistake he says you don’t want to make.

“As I pore through editorial display ads in the rags, I see costly mistakes made by advertisers after achieving relative success with space ads.” Because of this, Mike Somonic decided to try direct mail.

He says that the most common mistake that marketers make is not identifying their USP. A USP is their universal selling proposition. A lot of people call it a USA.

I’m surprised how people really don’t understand what they’re selling. If you don’t understand what your USP is, you’re going to do badly. But, on the other hand, if you have a really strong idea of what your main benefit is, then you’re really going to sell the heck out of it. I think, as well as Mike, that’s the most common mistake I see.

A lot of times there’s a lot of hype going on, a lot of unbelievable claims being made. I guess if I have to choose one, it would be people just not understanding what a USP is.

Mike also mentions that another thing he thinks a lot of marketers don’t pay enough attention to is getting publicity for their products, especially books. Books are hard to sell. If you go to a publisher and have them agree to publish your book, they’re still not going to advertise it.

Your USP (Universal Selling Proposition) defines what you’re marketing. With a well-defined USP, your success is nearly assured. Without one, you might as well strike a match and burn your marketing dollars.

No go do it. Don’t wait. Get started to your first million dollar seller.

Source by Michael Senoff

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