March 27, 2023
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How To Create An eBook | eBook Creator Software | eBook Compiler How to create an ebook with ebook creator software by ebooks compiler.

eBooks Compiler is the easiest, most effective way to make money on the internet

* You can create a ‘how to’ ebook on any subject that people will need.
* You can develop an information product that will teach people how to do something.
* You can sell other people’s products as an affiliate and give the ebook away for free.
* You can advertise in your ebook

eBook Software is a powerful marketing tool

* You can create an ebook and give it away for free promoting anything you want
* You can can add your ebook as a bonus to your customers
* You could allow others to insert their name, web site link, or an affiliate into your ebook * Promote your website, business or product with the ebook branders

1. Create your ebook

It only takes 7 steps to create an ebook. We even give you a pre-designed ebook so all you have to do is add your own content. There is an ebook compiler user guide that covers each step with ‘how to’ videos if you need them.

*** You get a sample ebook so all you need to do is fill it in with your content and upload the folder in Step 2. ***

2. Sell your ebook on the internet. (We show you how to set up your ebook business with your free trial or after you place your order)

You can set up everything you need to start selling your ebook today. We show you how to set up your security so your customers only receive the unlock key after they have paid you for your ebook. The steps are easy:

Create your unlock keys
Register your merchant account (we show you how to do this for free!)
Set up your shopping cart (this will cost $3.95)

Here’s the best part …

Now, it’s all AUTOMATIC! (Whenever someone buys your ebook, they download it, then they are emailed the unlock key, the payment is processed and you can send it straight to your bank account) This means you can be making money even when you’re sleeping.

Benefit #1 — eBooks are Easy To Produce!
All you do is add your folder with your HTML and image files and you can package it using the eBook Compiler software. eBooks Compiler simply takes the HTML you give it and compiles it into a single, self-contained file, ready for distribution. Yes, it really is that simple!

Benefit #2 — There are almost No Costs involved in publishing an eBook.
Once you’ve purchased the eBook Compiler software, that’s it! Creating unlimited numbers of eBooks will cost you absolutely nothing and you will see nothing but pure profit on every ebook your sell.

Benefit #3 — Delivery is immediate and it doesn’t cost you a penny!
Your customers can simply download your eBook from the Internet and receive their purchase immediately without any extra costs to them OR you! Did you know that this kind of instant gratification can increase the number of sales you make by up to 30%?

Benefit #4 — Automation makes your business Hands-Free!
Automation is one of the keys to success on the Internet! eBooks Compiler gives you the freedom to automate the sale of your product, with the win-win combination of no-cost mass production and free, instantaneous delivery!

Benefit #5 — eBooks are Easy To Use!
Navigation through the eBook is a snap because it looks like you are using a scaled down version of a web browser. As a result, it’s a breeze to use for anyone who has ever used the Internet because the customer is essentially surfing through your publication! Features such as “Back,” “Forward,” and “Search” are available to make viewing the eBook extremely straightforward.

Produce a top-quality, professional book or presentation at Very Little Cost!

In the past, only the IBMs and Microsofts of the world could afford the kind of technology that it took to design this kind of presentation. NOW, however, you can do it at almost NO COST! The eBook Compiler software provides the kind of versatility that will allow you to be as creative as you like.

In short, eBooks Compiler is your packaging solution for almost any publication — e-zine, newsletter, book, catalogue, audio presentation, video presentation, etc. — that you want to distribute over the Internet. eBook software is based on web browser technology which means that it is instantly compatible with all of the following:

Isn’t it time you start your ebook business and start making money with ebook software


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