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How To Publish an eBook on Amazon – Easy or Not?

Most people often wonder about how to publish an eBook on Amazon, is it easy or is it hard? That is the question.

The answer is both, it can be as easy as falling off of a log (without the pain involved) or it can be as hard as you choose to make it.

In this article, I am going to outline the easy method and outline the steps that you need to take to get almost any book published within a few days. What I need you to do, is to follow the steps below and just get it done!


Before I go into the steps involved, I want us to have an understanding. The reason for writing this article is not for me to achieve fame or fortune ( I already have 35 books published on the Amazon Kindle platform that make a regular income).

The Reason

The reason is YOU! You have already shown an interest in how to publish an eBook on Amazon, just by showing up and being here. I want you to step it up a notch, ‘bite the bullet’ as they say,let’s not just ‘think’ about it, let’s do it together, right now!

The Commitment

So I would like you to make a commitment to complete the following steps and my commitment to you is that you will have a book published on the Kindle platform in record time.

The Book You Are Going To Publish

The book you are going to publish is going to be a very short children’s book. But ‘I don’t want to write a children’s book’,I hear you say, ‘in fact I hate kids’. (now, I don’t believe for a minute that you hate kids, after all, you were one once).

Why a Kids Book

The reason you are going to publish a kids book on Amazon is not because you want to, but because you know that by doing so it will teach you the following:

1. How easy it is to publish almost any book on the eKindle platform.

2. The simple steps that are required for the process.

3. How to produce a cover in less than five minutes for peanuts (if anything).

4. You will unlock that ‘it’s too hard’ barrier in your mind, provided you actually follow the steps outlined below.

5. You will then know that without a doubt, if you can publish a simple kids book then you can publish almost anything you really want to.

Back at School

Just remember when you were back at school and were made to do all those exercises so you can learn the alphabet? Well, there was a point to all those mundane little exercises and they had a successful result, because you are reading this now.

Think of this as one of those mundane little exercises that you must do in order to proceed. Ho-hum…

Let’s Just Do It Shall We?

Before you start to get your book published you will need to open a free KDP Amazon account, this is where you will upload your finished book. Go to the KDP Amazon website for more information and complete the application, if you are already a member of Amazon then the process will only take a minute.

Step One – Topic

The book you are going to publish will be a short 1800 word children’s story. What will the topic be? Well, what are some of the things that you liked to do when you were a 6-7-year-old? Lots of things I bet you liked, spending a day at the beach, going to the zoo, going on a picnic, I think you get the idea.

Step Two – Title

Let’s choose a title similar to this:

Little Lucy’s Day At The Beach or Tommy Goes To The Zoo

Step Three – Writing

There are several schools of thought here, when writing a book, you can either choose to write it yourself (if you are passionate about a subject) or you can choose to hire an outsourcer to do it for you.

‘Shock- Horror’, getting someone else to write a book for me, isn’t there something that feels ‘not right’ about that?

Well, there are many reasons that many,many,many people choose to hire an outsourcer to write their book. They may not have a good command of the English language, they might not have the time etc.

Just remember that hiring an outsourcer is one option. With your children’s book, you are going to write the chapters and about 1800 words will not take long.

Use a program like MS word or the free equivalent, your book will be in.doc format.

Step Four – Chapters

Your book will have 5 chapters of about 360 words per chapter, if you are writing about Little Lucy’s Day at The Beach then it might go like this:

Chapter One – Introduction.

You could write about how little Lucy always looked forward to going to the beach Her parents took her there almost every weekend and etc etc

Chapter Two – Sandcastles

Chapter Three – Lucy finds a Crab

Chapter Four – Lucy finds some Seashells

Chapter Five – Going Home

Just keep it simple, write about 360 words per chapter, that is about three or four paragraphs, comparing it with most short articles are about 600 words in length.

It might only take you about twenty minutes per chapter.

Step Five – Images

You will need at least 5 images for your book. You can use one of these images for the cover. These can be hand drawn illustrations or just some real life photos of what your story is about.

Illustrations: You can outsource an artist to make specific illustrations for you, this can cost anywhere between $5- $50 per illustration, it depends on who you use. There are many websites that offer this service, just search on Google for cheap illustrations. In one of my children’s books I got 5 illustrations done for less than $45 total.

Photos: This is the quickest method, you can find some really good royalty free photo sites on the internet where you can purchase photos for $1 each. (recommended method)

Google Photos: You have to be careful here, yes, there are many photos readily available on Google but many are not royalty free, if you choose to use photos from a Google search then before you search for them, set your search settings for photos and images that you can use commercially. (just Google how to do a safe search for images)

Use five images, use one of them for the cover ( or a compilation of all of them if so inclined) and insert one image at the beginning or end of each chapter.

Step Six – Cover

Almost done now, this is easy isn’t it?

The cover will only take you about five minutes, seriously. The easiest way to make a cover is to search the web and find someone that offers access to free eBook covers, more specifically Kindle covers. Although few and far between, there are a few websites that offer a free membership for aspiring authors and it is possible to get some basic covers to fit your needs.

Step Seven – Upload Your Book

Now you have the following two things, Your book cover (.jp image) and your completed book manuscript (with the photos already inserted) in.doc format, you are ready to upload your book

There are several different formats you can upload your book as but just keep is simple.

All of my books have been uploaded as a word.doc file with the images already inside the document and the separate cover file a .jp image.

Now that you have your KDP account it is a very simple task of uploading your book.

1. Open your Kindle Direct Publishing account, on the first page you will see that it will be blank (unless you have already published a book), you will see the menu at the top of the page and then just below you will see a little box on the left that says ‘+ Create new title’. Left click this and you will be taken to the first of two pages.

2. On the first page you will input the book information, Author,title, keywords etc Just fill in what you are asked to.

3. You will then be asked to upload your cover image.

4. You will then upload your book file.

5. You will then go to the second page where you can input the price you would like to charge for your book. (if a book is selling for.99 cents then you will make 30% if your book sells for 2.99 to 10.00 you will make 70%)

6. Just fill out the rest of the form where required and you are done.

The End

That was a fairly painless exercise, in fact, your teacher didn’t even rap you over the knuckles for not holding your pen correctly (as mine did when I was at school). Now that you know how to publish an eBook on Amazon the world really is at your disposal.

You just need to figure out if you want to write for pleasure, for profit or for both.

Source by Rob Hillman

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