February 1, 2023
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How To Sell Ebooks Online – Should You Consider ClickBank?

When people are asking questions about how to sell ebooks online, they often ask: Should I use ClickBank?

Here are some common questions and answers about ClickBank and selling ebooks.

Q: Do you recommend using ClickBank?

A: There’s no doubt about it: If you want to get affiliates to help you sell your ebook, there’s no better place at the moment than ClickBank.

This is where the affiliates do their eager searches for products to sell and make money in the process. No other portal that sells ebooks has as many affiliates as ClickBank.

This is a huge advantage. However, ClickBank also has disadvantages.

Q: What are the disadvantages to using ClickBank?

A: First of all, you’ll have to know how to set up a sales page and a thank you page. You’ll have to store your eBook on your own server. And then there’s the fee. Before you can set up your eBook at ClickBank, you have to pay their fee. You’ll also pay for each sold copy.

Sometimes, ClickBank bans a product. Or so I’ve heard, because I’m not absolutely certain that the Internet marketers, who’ve had this happening to them, not just told that story for marketing reasons.

Q: What happens, when my eBook is available on ClickBank?

A: Then you’ll get a link, called a ‘hop-link’, you can use to promote your eBook from. When people purchase, ClickBank will collect the payment, and you’ll have to wait for 60 days to get them transferred to your account.

If an affiliate sells a copy of your ebook, ClickBank will take care of paying the affiliate.

In both cases, you have access to the customer’s name and email address. This means a great possibility for you. You can gather a list of buyers, and you can contact them with new offers. It’s always easier to sell to a customer than to a stranger.

Q: What if a customer wants his money back? Who’s taking care of that?

A: ClickBank takes care of refunds. They offer a 60 day money-back guarantee, which is why they keep your money for that periode. The fees, ClickBank has deducted, will be returned to you as well as the affiliate.

Q: I’ve heard that it’s easy for pirates to get access to ebooks from ClickBank. Is that true?

A: It’s up to you as the site owner to secure your download. ClickBank makes sure that people don’t get access to it, before the payment has been done, but if you leave your product on an unprotected page, there’s not a lot they can do.

Source by Britt Malka

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