February 5, 2023
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How To Sell Ebooks Online Through ClickBank, And Get Access To An Army Of Affiliates

Knowing how to sell ebooks online is one of the main things that parts successful marketers from those, who fail. And with the help of ClickBank you’ll get more than a selling platform. You also get access to a secret weapon: other people who will promote your product.

ClickBank is probably the biggest portal for electronic products online. It’s a service that collects the payment for you, and it makes sure that your customer will receive the download link right after having paid.

Since every product that’s sold on ClickBank has a 60 days money-back guarantee, you’ll have to wait with your payment.

However, ClickBank offers a major possibility. It has a build in affiliate system, and every affiliate in the world knows that they could go here, choose a product, and make money by promoting it to others.

That means that people will be flocking to find good products to promote on ClickBank, and this could be your big chance.

Before you can put your product up for sale, you have to pay the fee to get access to the ClickBank marketplace.

If an affiliate sells your product, ClickBank will still keep the payment for you, and they will take care of paying your affiliate. Both you and your affiliate will have to pay a fee for their handling of the sale.

Should a customer claim his right to use the money-back guarantee, before the 60 days are up, ClickBank will take care of refunding his payment as well as the fees, and if any affiliates were involved their balance will be updated as well.

When your eBook sales is handled by ClickBank, you get a chance to collect the name and email of your clients, so you can build a list of buyers, you can keep in contact with and send new offers.

This means that you not only have a chance to sell your customers one ebook, but to sell to them several times. If they like your work, they’ll most likely be interested, next time you write and tell them about your latest product.

And since your book will be offered to thousands of affiliates to sell, they will help promote it, which will make you even more sales. You’ll have your own army of sales people to tell the world about your product, and to do a lot of work of convincing people, why they should purchase it.

Source by Britt Malka

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