February 3, 2023
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How To Sell Ebooks Online – Use DigiResult As An Easy To Use, Unexpensive Solution

If you’re seeking to learn how to sell ebooks online, you’ve probably heard about portals like ClickBank and PayDotCom. However, there’s a new kid in town, and it’s called DigiResult.

DigiResult is a service that helps the marketer by collecting the payment for their digital goods, and delivering it to the customer. It also takes care of one of the most important issues in Internet marketing: an affiliate system.

Right now, DigiResult is still very small, but it will probably grow, fast, because it offers some advantages that its bigger brothers don’t.

Just like ClickBank and PayDotCom, DigiResult offers the means to collect the customer’s payment, and as a new service, they can also deliver it directly from their site. This means that you only have to set up your product in their system, upload your file, set a price, and you’re ready to go.

DigiResult also offers a build-in affiliate programme.

If you sell your eBook at the Warrior Forum in the area for Warrior Special Offers, it’s very easy to do so, if you use DigiResult. They will give you a payment link, and as one of very few warriors, you can offer your buyers an affiliate programme right away.

Believe me! Especially on that forum, such initiative will be appreciated.

For the affiliate there are some huge advantages connected to DigiResults as well. If a customer purchases through their link, they get paid, of course, but should the customer later buy another item that’s included in the DigiResult market place, the affiliate will get paid for this, also.

Both for affiliates as well as vendors there’s the advantage of almost immediate payment. DigiResult collects the payment, but then directly afterwards pays both the affiliate and the vendor.

If you sell your eBook on DigiResult, you can choose how much you want to pay your affiliate. Some pay 50%, others 75%, and others again have chosen to pay 100% and only collect the buyer’s names and addresses and build their list that way.

At this point, DigiResult doesn’t contain that many offers. You can find two pages in their market place. The overview, the affiliates are giving, are lacking informations like who’s the author of the product.

However, the people behind DigiResult are listening to their clients, and things keep changing for the better. It’s definitely a place I recommend that you give a chance, if you’re thinking of selling your own eBook — especially if you choose to do so in the WSO forum.

Source by Britt Malka

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