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How To Successfully Self-Publish A Book On Amazon & Audible: How To Build A Profitable Self-Publishing Business

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Are you looking for a side hustle to bring you an online income?

‘Passive income’ is a word that gets thrown around often nowadays. The truth is that no income is truly passive, but with that said, Publishing books on Amazon & Audible is by far the closest thing to truly passive income today in the online business world.

This course takes you from A-Z on KDP for high-content publishing, from showing you to outsource the content of your book to running your ads and maintaining them well, all will be covered.

Audiobooks are my favorite income stream as the revenue we earn from our books is totally passive! Simply upload the audio files for your book onto ACX and watch your book make royalties for months and years to come! The audiobook section of this course will show you how to find profitable keywords, find narrators at an affordable rate, how to bundle up your audiobooks to give you the greatest chance of success in this industry and many more important and valuable lessons.

You don’t need thousands of dollars to get started with self-publishing, you can publish your first book with just a few hundred bucks. Neither do you need to invest all of your time to make this work, 30-60 minutes a day is more than enough to become a successful self-publisher!

Self-publishing has huge potential, and even though it is often referred to as a “side hustle”, it can very quickly become your main occupation and generate thousands of dollars a month in royalties.

What are you waiting for? Pick up this book and start your self-publishing journey today!

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Book coverBook cover

Learn How To Create The Perfect Book Outline For Your Book!

The book outline is the make or break of your book. Unfortunately, many publishers tend to skip over it quickly and end up producing a low-quality book that lacks in quality and the topics discussed. This book will show you everything that you need to cover in your outline so you can produce the highest quality book!

Learn How To Set Up & Scale Your ads!

Ads are absolutely crucial to having long-term success with self-publishing. Many publishers have a great book, but because their book is on the 21st page, no customer ever discovers their title! Ads are the fuel for your success! Learn How to set them up, monitor, and scale them inside this chapter!

Learn How To Take Advantage Of The Ever Growing Audiobook Market!

Audiobooks are a blue ocean at the moment, with plenty of demand for specific keywords and little supply. This chapter will help you to pick out these profitable keywords that are widely in demand and low in competition and allow you to make passive income from your audiobook month after month!

Learn How To Get A Beautiful & Eye Catching Book Cover That Does Not Break The Bank!

A book cover is up there among the most important elements in the publishing process. With customers having an attention span shorter than 7 seconds, a high-quality cover is absolutely detrimental to long-term success. This chapter will show you how to get a super high-quality book cover for a fraction of the cost advertised online!

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