March 27, 2023
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How to Write a Book Foreword: A Checklist for Authors

Here is a list of important questions that you should think about to help you make sure that you have written a full and complete foreword. Not all questions here will apply to your foreword. But, these questions should help you to take a critical look at what you have written and help you fine-tune your foreword. When answering these questions, you must keep in mind that a book’s foreword is essential for a book’s sales success. The foreword will play an essential role in the marketing of the book. And, as the foreword author, you will be using this foreword for your own marketing and promotion.

The Initial Questions

1. Did you read the book?

2. And understand it?

The First Section

3. Does the first section of your foreword explain how you know the author of the book?

4. Do you explain your connection to the book’s author?

5. Do you know the author personally? How and why?

6. Do you introduce yourself to the reader in the first section?

7. Did you tell readers why you are qualified to be writing the foreword?

8. Do you tell the readers what you are famous for?

The Second Section

9. Does the second section show why the author is a credible person to have written this book?

10. Do you explain the contents of the book to the reader?

11. Do you explain the benefits of reading this book?

12. Did you explain why should this book be relevant to the reader?

13. Do you connect the book’s content to experiences or feelings that the reader can identify with?

14. Do you mention some of the good points of the book?

15. Do you give a very brief synopsis of the book?

16. Did you use any anecdotes about the book and the author?

17. Did you use a real-world example that illustrates the theme of the book?

The Conclusion

18. Does the conclusion remind the reader why you are writing the foreword?

19. And why it matters?

20. Do you bring the foreword full circle by referencing something from the first section?

Signing Your Name

21. Did you put your name, title, and location at the end of the foreword?

22. Did you include your own book’s title?

Additional Questions

23. Throughout the foreword did you keep the tone simple and personal, but keep your writing tight?

24. Did you make sure your foreword has a beginning, middle, and end?

25. Did you make sure that each section has a beginning, middle, and end?

26. Did you spell check several times?

Source by Joseph C Kunz, Jr

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