February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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How to Write a Non-Fiction Book and Publish It on Amazon: A Complete Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Your First Book—at Zero Cost

Price: $3.99
(as of Jan 02,2023 14:49:06 UTC – Details)

What if I told you that you could write your first nonfiction book, publish it, and have a printed copy in your hand, all for ZERO cost? You really can.This book was ranked #1 in its main category within a week after it was published. All it took to make this happen was to follow the instructions in Chapter 16.

This book will show you:How to come up with a title and subtitle that will hook the reader.How to create a killer book cover.How to find the most profitable keywords that will send your sales through the roof.Why you don’t need an editor.The five easy ways to get a ton of reviews (and reviews sell books).How to publish an Audiobook version for zero cost.Step-by-step how to submit your book to Amazon.How to get Amazon to market your book for you at no cost.How to market your book without ads.And so much more.Amazon best-selling author of 21 books, Jerry Minchey, shows you step-by-step how he does it. His books have received over a thousand positive reviews, and many of them have been best sellers.
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