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Kindle Ebook Creator Software – Ebook Creator Software For Kindle – Ultimate Ebook Creator Software

Kindle Ebook Creator Software – Ebook Creator Software For Kindle – Ultimate Ebook Creator Software
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kindle ebook creator software

Are you looking for the best eBook creator software to publish your new eBook? This article has got you covered.

Creating an eBook all by yourself may seem a daunting task without hiring a designer.

That’s where eBook creator come in. There are many eBook creator tools available in the market; some are free while some are paid.

You need to finalize upon the one that has the features you want. For example, you may want to select an eBook software that include one or more of the following features:

Supports real-time collaboration
Imports files from different formats
Download eBook in multiple formats – pdf, ePub, Mobi
Supports cloud storage
Ready-made templates
Convert your existing content (blog post, videos, podcasts) into eBooks
Creates mobile-responsive eBooks
Since there are many eBook creators on the market, all claiming to be the best, it may be difficult for you to choose one among them.
For this reason, I have compiled this list of best eBook maker to make it super easy for you to make an informed decision.

The best part?

This article compares some of the popular eBook creator tools in terms of their features, price, pros & cons, learning curve, ease of use and support. It will help you to choose the best tool among all.

The list you will now read contains the top 7 Best eBook Creator Software of 2021 that can help you to create visually appealing eBooks.

Let’s get started.

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eBook Creator
Table of Contents
What Is The Best eBook Creator Software?
7 Best eBook Creator Software of 2021
1. Google Docs
2. Designrr
3. Visme
5. Canva
6. Crello
7. LucidPress
4 Reasons To Write An eBook?
What Is The Best Format For An eBook?
Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best eBook creator?
How do I create my own eBook from scratch?
How to sell an eBook?
What are the most popular eBook topics?
Wrapping Up
What Is The Best eBook Creator Software?
eBooks help to simplify your customer acquisition process. People like to get free stuff. By offering a free eBook to your target audience, you can collect lots of leads, sales and build customer engagement.

To collect emails of your site visitors, you need to integrate your eBook with popular free email marketing services like Aweber or Moosend and lead generation plugin like Thrive Leads.

An eBook creator or eBook software, whatever you may call it, allows you to create an eBook quickly and easily with the help of its feature-rich advanced tools.

You can either create an eBook from scratch or you can make use of some advanced online eBook creator (Designrr) that allows to convert existing blog post, YouTube videos, Facebook Pages, and even Podcasts into an eBook.

You’ll learn more about Designrr below.

Before you select any eBook creator you must first identify the eBook format that you want. Some of the popular eBook formats are:

PDF Portable Document Format
EPUB e-Publication
MOBI a Kindle Store format
You’ll learn more about these formats later in this article. After Identifying the eBook format, the next step is to select the eBook software that can get your job done.

Let’s get started with the list of best eBook Creator tools.

Need help in writing your first eBook, check out this guide – How to Write an eBook in 7 Easy Steps?

7 Best eBook Creator Software of 2021
Here are my top picks for the best eBook Creator 2021 to use this year.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs eBook Creator
Google Docs is a completely free platform to create documents like resumes, letters, brochures, and others. You only need your Gmail id to use it.

Many people don’t know that you can use this platform by Google to create free eBooks also.

To create an eBook, create your document in Google Docs. Once you finish it, go to File

Here you have the option to download your eBook in formats like PDF and ePub.

I would recommend you to use ePub as it creates a mobile responsive eBook that can be viewed on any devices like desktop, mobile or tablets.

Thus, select your choice of format and your eBook will be downloaded.

You can even create an eBook from your existing document created in Microsoft Word.

So if you already have your document ready in Microsoft Word, you can upload it to your Google Drive account. You just need to download it as an ePub publication or PDF format.


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