February 5, 2023
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Learn Calligraphy the Easy Way

Calligraphy is an amazing art that most people admire and would love to master. When we see invitations or any media announcements beautifully printed we see the beauty of it and wish we had a skill like that. Little do people realize, it is not difficult to master and learn calligraphy. It involves only a lot of practice and patience with a whole lot of dedication.

There are a wide choice of styles in calligraphy writing. Each individual who wishes to learn calligraphy should decide on the styles that best appeal to them before practicing the art. For instance there are Arabic, Celtic, Romanian, East Asian, Western and Hebrew styles. Almost every region on this earth will have its own style of writing. Some of you may feel that you should use the style of your ancestral hometown or others may want to master more than one style. You can learn calligraphy from the simplest block style right up to the decorative symbols and writings.

There are many ways to learn calligraphy. In the beginning, you will only need a basic starter set of calligraphy pens. You can decide whether to take courses online or visit universities, high schools or even calligraphy workshops that teach this art. Some prefer to have private tuition from art teachers from universities, museums or schools. You can also consider online calligraphy tutorials or use DVDs, videos or just books to learn calligraphy. In certain areas public television stations go a long way in offering televised classes to those who are interested in it.

Calligraphy cannot be mastered overnight. Hence if you make up your mind to learn calligraphy you should first find a quiet place where there will be no disturbance, and where it is comfortable and relaxing. You should choose materials of high quality and spend much time initially practicing each style many times over, gradually learning new techniques and overcoming earlier mistakes.

Practice is the best way to learn calligraphy thoroughly. While practicing, you should keep the earlier version and the original in front of you so you can compare and see where you have gone wrong and where you have improved. Calligraphy writing is like all other skills like painting, dancing, skating and the like; it has to be practiced thoroughly with much concentration and dedication.

The more you practice the better you will learn calligraphy. For example, if you find that you are not able to get a swirl or a proper line you may find that you are either using the wrong nib or the pen holder is not in the right position. You should aim to feel like a carpenter who has mastered his own tools and knows what to do.

The best way to master calligraphy is by mastering the tools and what they are used for, then mastering the lettering and finally putting all these together and mastering the art. This is the best way to enjoy the art as a hobby and later as a profitable business.

Source by Edward Ashcroft-Hamilton

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