January 30, 2023
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Make Money Selling ebooks Online

Can you make money selling ebooks online? You might be thinking about all the ebooks that are being sold on eBay for less than a dollar, and wonder if you can compete with those people who have been selling for a long time.

The answer is yes, but you might need to have a different plan of action. How many ebooks have you bought that you have rights to? Maybe some were bought to teach you different areas of your business but if you have rights, then you can also sell them online.

You might have many $7 script books and products and decide to focus your site on all of these. You will not be building your list this way, but you will be getting 100% commission for selling them.

You should then put together some killer packages which have relevant products for a great price. Look at what you have and how you can add many bonuses to these products.

If you can write your own ebooks then you will be able to decide which rights you are giving on them and then price them accordingly.

You should then decide how you are going to sell these ebooks that you own or have written. If you have some books which are PLR then you should be looking at rewriting them. You might have a sales page with them which you can use to sell your new ebooks.

If you have no idea where to start then you should consider buying some cheap PLR’s and then to start to use them. You will never make any money from selling ebooks if you only leave them on your hard disk. If you do nothing with them, then you will make no money it is as simple as that.

It will take time to get your products together, but don’t wait until you have them all sorted, aim to add a new product each week or month. If you have been buying lots of ebooks with rights then you might feel overwhelmed at the task ahead of you. Sort out your ebooks into categories and then see how you can use them together to produce a killer ebook on the subject. Start by using one book at a time, and then set a short time each week to add another book.

Take it slowly and see what you can learn and then see how you can start to make money selling ebooks.

Source by Josh Spaulding

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