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Making Money Online Selling an Ebook

Selling an eBook can be a profitable way to make money online provided that you can write about a topic at length and that it can’t be easily found for free elsewhere. This article briefly tells you how people make money from selling ebooks.

What is an Ebook?

First off an eBook is an ‘electronic book’ – that is, any piece of writing which is long enough to be considered a ‘book’ and in an electronic format. Ebooks needn’t be hundreds of pages long but are usually upwards of 10 pages. The format most commonly used to for ebooks is PDF as this type of file can be viewed as ‘read only’ by anyone that has the correct free software.

How to choose a topic?

As you want people to pay for your ebook, it has to have value. This means, it has to be unique to some extent and the information contained within it must not be available for free elsewhere. For this reason it is best to choose something that you both enjoy and have a lot of knowledge about. Most people will choose to write their eBook on the same topic as their website (if they have one). Write down a list of possible topics which you enjoy and choose one if you think you can write 20 pages about it.

Making your eBook available

In order to sell your ebook, you need to make it easy for people to find. There are a few different techniques that you can use to market your ebook. Most obvious of all is that you will need to ensure that you are getting a good stream of traffic (visitors) to your website. To do this, make sure that you work hard on SEO and marketing techniques.

Secondly, you can make your eBook available as an affiliate scheme so that others will be selling your eBook for you. These sellers will take a commission of any sales that they make and you will benefit from the revenue generated by those sales.

You can also make your ebooks available for review on popular review sites and any good reviews will be sure to increase your sales. Advertising on other websites, or participating in link exhanges may also help to increase sales of your ebook. I’ve only listed a few basic ideas here, but they should give you a good start towards selling your ebook.

Give a demo of your ebook

A lot of people who are successful with selling ebooks make demo chapters available. This is done in the PDF software that you use, usually (Adobe Acrobat) by password protecting most of the book while leaving one or two chapters unprotected. Once you receive a payment, then you can email your buyer the password to unlock the whole book.

Pricing your ebook

Knowing what price to put on an eBook can be confusing so it’s probably just best to experiment with the price and see what sells. Start selling at a higher price and then drop it if it’s not selling as you like but try to resist the temptation to put your price up. Charge more for longer ebooks and search around to find what prices similar types of ebooks are sold for.

Make Payment Easy

Make sure that you are able to accept payment easily. You can set up a PayPal account so that any of your visitors who already have a PayPal account can pay through this or you can use other e-commerce software to accept payment from anyone with a card.

Source by Gareth Hunt

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