February 2, 2023
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Photo Album Self Adhesive Pages 60-Page Scrapbook Album Linen Cover With Various Sizes And Stickers in Various Styles (Black)

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Product Description



Beautiful colour matching, natural colour match with cotton and linen texture, moderate brightness, so that people have a sense of simplicity, elegance and low atmosphere.




Storage instructions: Avoid damp and dusty environment. If you accidentally touch stains, wipe them lightly with damp cloths and dry them naturally. Do not expose to the sun.

Easy to use, photos can be completely preserved by gently tearing the film cover, submerging the complex functioning of the traditional photo album, the film cover is well sealed, which effectively isolates dust.

With sufficient capacity, there are no creases or bulges on the cover due to too many photos stored, providing high-quality protection for every choice.


Suitable for different scenes, it can be given to friends and guides, parents and relatives, capture your family happiness, and keep every moment of growth and movement.


Elegant and simple design combined with cotton and linen touch, such as the aesthetic collision between tradition and modern, will be a good partner for your family records.

【Album Size】The external size is length 11 x width 10.8(inches),internal self-adhesive page length 10.8 x Width 8.6 (inches), 30sheets/60 pages
【Avoid Oxidation】High-quality film can protect photo text well from fading. The transparent protective film of the album will fit perfectly with the photos, protect the photos from oxidation in the air, and the material of the album itself will not damage the photos, your precious memories will be preserved for a long time
【self adhesive photo album】Suitable for photos of any size, can also be used with stickers and notes, you can adjust the layout of photos at any time, and the pages can be reused, allowing you to experience different feelings
【Linen photo album cover】The page is wrapped in linen, highlighting the retro and exquisite style, wear-resistant, strong, with stiff cardboard as a spacer, which can well separate photos from different periods
【Ideal Gift】This scrapbook album can be used as Travel Record, Wedding Album, Baby Grow Album, it is Ideal gift for Valentines Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving day and Birthday,is A memory book of our own life

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