February 6, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Self-Discipline for Writers: Writing Is Hard, but You Too Can Write and Publish Books Regularly

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You, too, can become a successful writer – if you’re willing to develop this trait.
Do you know that it’s almost impossible to find a successful writer who has published only one book? Virtually every widely acclaimed author has an extensive catalog of books. To join the elite ranks of those who write consistently, you need to learn how to stay prolific over the long term. And for that, the number one ingredient is self-discipline.
In Self-Discipline for Writers, best-selling author Martin Meadows shares his philosophy and strategies on how to build self-discipline as a writer and how to keep writing over the long term. Here are some of the most important ideas you’ll discover:

  • Three foundations of self-discipline for writers (avoid a common mistake that almost always leads to failure)
  • Three steps to a strong work ethic as a writer (learn how to develop a strategy for consistently hitting your word counts)
  • Five types of self-doubt common among writers and how to overcome them (If you don’t believe in yourself as a writer, how are your readers supposed to believe in you?)
  • Seven tips on how to manage your energy as a writer – including not only the most fundamental advice, but also intricacies like discussing your projects with other people, capturing fleeting ideas, and reading your reviews (learn why optimizing your energy is key to consistent results)
  • Why control is essential for any writer (and how to claim it)
  • Five good business practices for more self-discipline (this includes some surprising thoughts on how to run your writing business to reduce frustration and increase productivity).

Writing doesn’t have to be burdensome. You, too, can write with more ease, and most importantly, write and publish consistently, so that you can enjoy a flourishing writing career. Let’s learn together how to accomplish this exciting goal.

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