February 1, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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G.W. Tolley had inner ear issues from birth, 95 percent hearing loss until he had emergency surgery during his second year of high school. His last name starts with T, so normally his seat was in the back of the school room. Not being able to hear, he would get bored and doodle, and his mind would wander all over the place. For him to receive a grade of a D+ or even a C- was a major accomplishment. With all of that being said, if anyone had said he would write one book or even 13 books, he would have laughed and said, “No not me, you have mistaken, you have the wrong guy, English, spelling, grammar, punctuation that is not me.” What changed?

Life-changing events, identity theft, being laid off, the loss of a loved one, being homeless, going hungry, living with a family from Craigslist of nine – yes nine – and this is just a few of the events. The stories wanted out, and nothing was going to stop this from busting out. 

You never know who your story will touch or give hope. Tell your story; the world is waiting.

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