February 8, 2023
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Self-Publishing a Book in India

Self-publishing is the new trend in India. Traditional publishers are no more interested in publishing the struggling, novice and debut authors. Well, they have their reasons. Who will invest in a new product that has just arrived in the market? Writing is a business and every player in this business wants security! And therefore, many authors have only one choice left – and that is self-publishing their books!

There are many self-publishing companies in India. Many of these companies only believe in making money. All they do for the authors is publish a few copies of their books and put those copies for online sale. That’s it! Can an author be happy with this? Will these exercise help authors in any way? Majority of the publishing houses in India do not put their efforts into marketing the books they publish. Moreover, a few publishers publish just anything that their author clients bring to them for publication. This is, in fact, damaging the reputation of publishers as well as authors.

What should the authors do? How should they find the best self-publishing companies in India? There are many questions about publishing. There are many more about marketing and promotions. However, there are limited resources where one can find the answers. To make these things easier for authors, Ashvamegh Publication has entered the self-publishing industry. Unlike many other publishers, Ashvamegh Publication offers full transparency to the authors. At Ashvamegh, authors have complete information about their budget, marketing plans, publishing expenses and many other things. Moreover, Ashvamegh offers complete marketing and promotions solutions to authors. The price that other popular self-publication companies charge only for publication, Ashvamegh provides marketing solutions within that budget!

New authors must be aware of fake publishing houses. These companies charge thousands from the authors. And in return, they only publish about 100 copies of the book and put the price tag so costly that the book won’t sell! Can we define cheating better than this? Authors, be aware! Choose your publishing partner wisely. Don’t make your debut the last one in your life.

As the co-founder of Ashvamegh, I assure you an author-friendly solution to your publishing and marketing needs. Do check out our website and get in touch with us. We will provide the best services at the lowest possible price. So, are you ready to become the author you want to be? Ashvamegh Publication is right here to help you reach your author goals.

Source by Alok Mishra

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