January 30, 2023
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Short Ebooks – Create Fast Info Products Which Sell

Ebooks sell well online, because people are hungry for information they can use right away. If you’d like to create ebooks and sell them but feel you don’t have time, short ebooks are the answer. You can create and start selling them within three days.

Here’s how.

1. Offer a Solution

When they buy an ebook, buyers want a solution to a problem they have right now. For example, someone who’s switching from a Windows computer to a Mac, wants to know basic information, and they’re willing to pay for it. They’re nervous: the machine is sitting in front of them.

2. What’s Your Expertise?

When considering solutions you could offer, consider your own expertise. Everyone’s an expert in something. Look at problems you’ve solved in the past.

For example, perhaps you learned how to get a fractious baby to sleep, conquered acne, or lost 50 pounds on a diet you created yourself. You could write short ebooks on all these solutions and sell them.

3. Write and Sell Within Three Days

Short ebooks are short, usually less than 20 pages, sometimes fewer than ten pages. Remember, your buyers want solutions. They don’t want to wade through 100 pages of waffle with a nugget of actionable information in the center — they just want the steps they can use to solve their problem, right now.

Therefore, confine your eBook to these elements:

* A brief description of the problem (one page)

* A step by step solution (up to 12 pages)

* A resource page for further information (one page)

Get your short eBook written, and convert the file to PDF.

Remember that you’re just offering a solution. You can include graphics, such as screen captures, if they’re necessary. If they’re not necessary, forget about them.

(In general, eBook cover graphics are unnecessary.)

4. Advertise Your Short Ebooks

Your final step is to write a sales page, and then advertise your short ebook. A long sales page is unnecessary; make it short and to the point. Describe the problem, and offer the solution to the problem — your ebook. Once your sales page is online, advertise your ebook. Pay Per Click advertising is the most efficient way to sell.

So there you have four steps to creating fast info products which sell. Get started today.

Source by Angela Booth

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