January 29, 2023
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The Advantages of Publishing Ebooks

Ebooks are becoming more much widely accepted more than ever.

More and more people are looking towards ebooks based on convenience and low publishing costs. According to the International Digital Publishing Forum, in 2002 ebooks sales rose from $6 million to around $33 million in 2007. These numbers do not include individual publishers or libraries so this number could be two to three times larger.

Here we highlight just a few of the advantages of publishing an ebook:

Cost effective

The beauty of publishing your eBook online is that your costs are low. Most ebooks are designed in Microsoft Word or similar word processing software. These types of software are readily available so there are no additional costs in purchasing new software. Once the eBook is created by yourself, or by a professional, you can sell or distribute hundreds of copies, all at the same fixed cost to produce it. There are no ongoing fees or costs to reproduce the ebook.

Another advantage is that you do not have to find a publisher. You publish the eBook when and where you like. Zero printing costs.

You can take them anywhere!

One of the greatest advantages of publishing ebooks is that you can take them anywhere with you. They are more easily portable than a hard copy book. You can take copies of them with you via your computer/laptop or a portable hand-held eBook reader. Printed books can be heavy to carry around, especially when you have multiple books. Ebooks are simply convenient.

Fresh content

Ebooks can be easily updated. Once a book is printed you can’t change or update the content. Ebooks can be updated over time with new relevant content and new images.

Customers can instantly download ebooks and read them straight away. With hard copy books you either have to run to the bookstore, or if purchasing online, wait for processing and shipping. This can take over a week.

Greener Environment

With people more often than not reading pdf ebooks on screen, instead of printing them, it help saves the environment with less paper being used.

There is a big future for the ebook. Printed books are as technologically advanced as they can be. With more and more people becoming interested in ebooks, eBook reader technology is becoming more advanced each and every year.

Source by Karen Wickham

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