January 30, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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The Beachside Inn (Marigold Island Book 1)

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Escape to Marigold Island, a charming New England town with a cast of characters who will come to feel like old friends!

Lydia Walker and Angela Collins both need a fresh start.

A year ago, Lydia became a widow at thirty-eight when she lost her beloved husband to cancer, and despite the support of her friends and her teenage daughter, Holly, she’s had a hard time moving on from the loss. She feels stuck, uncertain of how to carry out her husband’s final wish that she do something that scares her.

Angela Collins has what seems like the perfect life—a beautiful little boy, a loving husband, and a good career. But that all comes crumbling down when she returns home early one afternoon and discovers that her husband is having an affair.

Struggling with grief and loss, both women head to Marigold Island, an idyllic small town with white sand beaches and happy childhood memories.

A chance meeting between the two old friends sparks an idea that’s as exciting as it is terrifying. They decide to buy the historic Beachside Inn, renovate it, and re-open it.

Along the way, they’ll encounter a cranky landscaper who may have a soft side hidden beneath his gruff exterior, plumbing mishaps, old acquaintances, and unexpected competition from a big hotel.

Will Lydia and Angela get the second chance they’re hoping for? Or will their dreams of re-opening the Beachside Inn be dashed before they even get off the ground?

Come dip your toes in the crystal blue waters of Marigold Island, a fictional island town tucked in next to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This heartwarming and uplifting women’s fiction will take you on a journey of healing, friendship, family, faith, and love.

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