January 30, 2023
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The Low Cost of Wholesale eBooks

Wholesale e books are the most efficient and affordable type of quality books available in the publishing world today. A single hardcover book in an average bookstore can run anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars a piece. This is an astronomical number when you consider that a wholesale e book generally costs the same or less than the price of an average paperback edition of the same book. This bundled with the fact that four out of five households throughout the world have a computer and Internet access, is resulting in the decline of typical bookstore sales, and is likewise resulting in a climb in e book sales.

With wholesale e book publishers able to mass produce bestselling novels, typical bookstores are slowly but surely falling to the wayside. It is actually estimated, according to a research study conducted in 2008, that for every one typical bookstore in the United States of America, there are five wholesale e book retailers on the World Wide Web. This goes to show that e books are the wave not only of the future, but also of this current day and time.

Online publishers are able to manufacturer and produce a single e book for an estimated 5% of the cost of producing a single paperback or hardcover book. In fact, e book publishers only need to make a single copy of any book in electronic format. They can then sell that single e book millions upon millions of times with no need to refresh their stock. With this ability to create and fashion e books at such a cost, wholesale e book stores are able to pass on the savings to their customers by offering high quality novels at better than affordable pricing. This is something that typical bookstores will never be able to achieve.

When online publishers of wholesale e books save, they likewise pass the savings on to their customers. They are intelligent enough to know that if they draw in one customer and introduce them to the world of e books, that that customer will continue to come back in the future to receive even more savings on their favorite pastime: reading.

Source by Nezrul Hisyam Abdul Ghani

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