January 30, 2023
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The Most Honest Self-Publishing Tips For Authors

This article will detail the boldest self-publishing tips you should ponder upon. I do not claim to be an expert in self-publishing. I still believe no one is because each day is a learning process for every author.

The wisdom in self-publishing only begins when you decide to start publishing and will end when you also decide to stop doing so. I am not against those authors who claim to be veterans of self-publishing. I just have a personal belief that each day is a learning day where you discover new and improved knowledge. You grow upon every publication you make.

Through the years, I have compiled some of the most honest self-publishing tips authors should know. This is most especially to those who are just starting out. Some of them may not be what you want to hear but these are what I learned and I just want to share it to you.

The Most Honest Self-Publishing Tips every author should know:

1.) You’ve only just begun. Your draft is the beginning of your book. Yes, it is only the beginning. You all had your share of sleepless nights making your drafts. The construction of sentences and paragraphs and the choice of words. And then you finally finish your draft.. Congratulate yourself, you are on your way to finishing your chef-d’oeuvre. However, the journey has just begun. You still have a long way to go.

2.) You can be better. The draft is like an incomplete puzzle. You have the pieces but you still have to solve the puzzle. The draft is simply the flow of words unorganized and not arranged. The next step is to edit. Read thoroughly. Read it over and over again. Look for errors in grammar and sentence construction. Check your choice of words. And improve your piece.

3.) You Need Help. You might have done your editing but it always pays to have another person read your work. A second opinion will help you perfect your volume.

4.) Your Book cannot be sold Unwrapped. You have to dress your book so you would definitely need a cover. Do not just choose any cover you find. Have the best fit for your book. The cover and design will represent your piece. Think of it this way, if your book is going to an auction? What will you do for it be noticed, stand out and be sold?

5.) Luxury is a No. Do not think more highly than you should. Be realistic. Set a price that is affordable for the readers. Do not go overboard.

These self-publishing tips made me a successful writer. Aspiring authors can make use of these also. There are thousands of self-publishing tips available online. The choice is actually yours. The most important tip in this venture is to focus on your goal and make it work. Believe and you’ll surely be on top of your game. I Hope you have enjoyed reading about these self-publishing tips.

Source by Rob Hillman

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