February 5, 2023
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Using Rebrandable Ebooks to Build Your Opt-In List

Webmasters and ezine publishers scramble daily to find fresh content on hot topics for their websites and ezines. They want to give, or sell, this information to their insatiable audiences.

Knowledge grows exponentially, and there is a huge demand for the latest of that knowledge to be summarized into digestible pieces. Ebooks are a great way to distribute that information while creating a list-building virus.

Ebooks are big with website owners and ezine publishers. They have a much higher perceived value that just articles although ebook are often little more than collections of articles.

If you have the ability to write ebooks yourself, that’s excellent.

If you don’t have the ability to write ebooks yourself, you can still join the fun. You can get private label rights (PLR) ebooks which you can claim authorship of and use those, or you can pay a ghostwriter to write one for you fairly inexpensively.

If you use PLR ebooks, it’s advisable to make sure that the information is accurate, and you probably also want to edit them to match your writing style.

You can submit these ebooks to ebook directors and preauthorize webmasters and ezine publisher to download and redistribute them at no charge. Many websites even have discussion boards where you can list your free ebooks.

You are probably wondering “How exactly is giving away ebooks going to build my list?”

The answer to that question is simple.

A quality ebook on a hot topic with your website url in the footer of every page is a viral mobile billboard. It can spread clickable links pointing back to your sites all over cyberspace.

In the “about the author” section of your ebook, you have “a blank check” to tell about all of your relevant accomplishments, and naturally you tell them how to learn more about those accomplishments. You list urls that you want readers to visit.

If you really want others to pass your ebooks around, let them personalize some parts of them, perhaps changing some links to affiliate links that pay a commission, or maybe just changing a link on the cover that says “A Gift From…” with a rebrandable url.

There is software like Viral Document Toolkit that lets you take any document written in Microsoft Word and save it as a rebrandable ebook. Using VDT, you can designate links, or even huge blocks of text as rebrandable (changeable).

Upload your rebrandable ebooks to ebook directories, and now you’ll get even more downloads because when people pass those ebooks along they not only pass along great information, but they now have the possibility of even earning a referral commission “just for being nice.” You’ve

“incentivized” them!

Every person who visits the websites of other website owners that offer your ebook will have the opportunity to download it, and if you use these little twists, they’ll also want to join your list.

Inside your ebook offer an extra related bonus that they have to visit your website to register for and download. Or point out that the information in your ebook does change from time to time, and encourage them to register on your site to receive free updated versions of the ebook. If they

are really interested in the topic, they WILL register.

Here’s one final way to get them to join your list after downloading your ebook. Create an audio version of the ebook, and offer that audio for free, but ONLY allow it to be downloaded from your website after the opt-in.

Creating an audio ebook is as simple as calling into a service such as AudioAcrobat, or one of the free bridgeline providers, and reading your ebook out loud. Since most bridgeline providers charge hefty fees for each recording that you do, I prefer using Audio Acrobat, where I pay less than $20 per month and can do unlimited recordings.

AudioAcrobat is at: http://HowIRecordAudio.com

Create an ebook this is on a hot topic, accurate, and full of useful information, make parts of it rebrandable, and then turn it loose to go out and round up thousands of subscribers for you. It’s really is that easy!

Source by Willie Crawford

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