January 29, 2023
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Using Rebrandable eBooks to Get More Traffic and Make More Affiliate Sales

One of the best ways to make money online as an affiliate or even from your own online business is to use rebrandable eBooks. These work great to get a larger distribution to the internet population through viral marketing to promote your site and links.

E-books are hot! Everybody loves to download eBooks especially if they are free. The great part that makes viral eBooks work is the ability for the reader to replicate them, add their website and affiliate link, which gives them incentive to pass them on.

And from here the viral marketing aspect of the re-brandable eBooks goes to work.

As an affiliate, these are great promotion tools to use to make more sales. Once you have branded it with your affiliate links and website you can give it away as a free download from your blog, in your email newsletter or on your website.

It’s almost like selling in disguise. People love to get a free eBook and they don’t think they are going to be sold to inside an eBook. But if the links are strategically placed inside the text, they will go off to visit your recommended products and hopefully buy.

As a web marketer who wants to create a rebrandable eBook, you can write your own e-books with a text editor such as open office, hire a ghostwriter to write it for you or you can find e-books that are already written. There are several eBooks for sale with private label rights.

The private label rights allow you to make them yours so then you are free to edit them and rebrand them with your name and business and then you can sell them or distribute them as you wish. If you want others to be able to rebrand that eBook you have created, then you’ll need some software and edit the eBook a little more.

Viral rebrandable eBooks will help you get a huge amount of traffic for very little cost and effort. This is the smart way to do business online. It all comes down to leverage, so whenever possible, look for a way to use rebrandable eBooks in your affiliate promotions.

Source by Stuart Stirling

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