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Variety of Useful eBook Formats

eBooks are the electronic text displayed on the digital media. Its full form is ‘electronic book’ and is also called digital book. In order to view and read these electronic books user should have hardware devices known as electronic readers or eBook devices. These eBooks can be read on laptops, personal computers or even on cell phones.

History of eBooks:

Earlier eBooks were written for limited set of audiences or specific set of group. They were used to present information on few subjects such as on science or technology. eBooks were used for preparing technical manuals on manufacturing techniques and other such subjects. Over the years many eBooks proliferated on several subjects. An eBook was prepared in different formats for different subjects. This resulted in the introduction of multiple formats. eBook was also supported by many open source programmers or software like Adobe’ PDF format. This also gave boost to the use of eBooks for various purposes. Many authors began using an eBook to display their work on the Internet when the publishers denied publishing their work. Many companies started displaying their products and services to introduce them over the Internet.

Different Formats of eBooks:

eBooks have a variety of formats available to present any kind of subject or information. Among many formats main eBooks are in PDF, Image or Open Electronic Book Packages formats. PDF eBooks are commonly used by the people on the Internet. PDF format makes the eBook easily accessible on multiple formats and keep the contents of the document intact and secure. You can convert Word or any other application to PDF with any PDF Converter tool available. Then with any good computer programming you can convert PDF document into PDF eBook. Image eBooks exhibit any information using a series of images. These eBooks are used for online art gallery, kid’s picture books and much more. Open Electronic Book Packages eBook formats are the ones that display multimedia content. They incorporate audio and video content in the eBooks. This is a good and effective eBook format when used for presenting interactive educative material and such other materials.

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