January 30, 2023
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What Does Reseller Rights Ebook Mean?

Becoming an instant author is now possible especially with the fact that anyone can get resale rights to any ebooks and append his or her name as the author immediately. There are various types of reseller rights ebooks but the fact about all of them is that once you get the right, you can resale and pocket the profits.

The major difference in the various forms of reseller right ebooks is that they all come with slightly varied types of licensing. There are some that come with plain resell rights, other come with master resale rights while the rest have private label rights.

Plain resell rights were the rights versions that were used few years back. It allows the buyer to only pass on the resell right to one level of buyer below him or her. The truth is that this kind of ebooks rights is no loner popular today because many people now prefer Private Label Rights.

Master resale rights and private label rights are almost the same and are the commonest forms of resell rights ebooks online today. With such license, any buyer is free to do whatever pleases him or her with the ebook. It is common to see private label rights that even come with a single page website the buyer should use to promote such eBook as his or her own. This simply entails that the buyer has full rights in most cases to append his or her name as the original author and start marketing the eBook on the internet without any restriction.

Source by Ken Nwosu

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