February 1, 2023
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What Is Self-Publishing?

Bypass Intermediaries

Self-publishing is where you, the author, bypass all the intermediaries that are involved in traditional publishing. These intermediaries do the editing, designing, illustrating, marketing, promotion, etc. of your book. As a self-publisher these functions will typically be your job. Although, you can easily hire people to do these functions for you and still be considered a self-publisher. As a self-publisher you get to choose which functions you want to do, and which ones you need to hire someone to help you.

It’s a Business

In other words, self-publishing means that you manage and finance a business dedicated to producing and selling your book. In most instances, your business’s goal is to make a profit by creating a product that sells enough copies to cover the expense of creating it, marketing it, promoting it, and distributing it. Many enter self-publishing as a means to promote their other business. Some enter self-publishing as a way to capitalize on the many years of experience that they have gathered during their career. By self-publishing, these people can share their experiences by writing about them and also earn an income from it – thereby extending their career.

Develop, Produce, Sell

The process of self-publishing can be broken down into three broad stages:

(1) Development: which involves planning, writing, editing, designing, indexing, and illustrating the book;

(2) Production: which involves preparing the book for printing, and getting it printed; formatting the book as a pdf and also as an ebup, and,

(3) Selling: which involves marketing, promoting, and selling yourself and the book.

Retain Ownership

In the past, many authors chose to self-publish because they could not get a traditional publisher to publish their book. But today, with the help of the computer, some basic software, and the internet, many authors eagerly and gladly choose self-publishing so that they can retain full creative control over their creation – their book. By retaining control and ownership over their book, they can profit from it for many years. With a big traditional publisher, a book will typically have a very limited life-span.

Fun and Profitable

Self-publishing is a very powerful, exciting, and alluring concept. On its simplest level, it’s a way to get your words and ideas to a world-wide audience. On an artistic level, it’s an extension of the creative process. Self-publishing is a fun, interesting, and profitable way to satisfy your need to create a product, share it with the world in an appealing way, and make money doing it.

Source by Joseph C Kunz, Jr

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